Stoke Park Wedding Photography – Clem and John’s stylish wedding

Stoke Park Wedding Photography    – Clem & John’s stylish Wedding.

Clementine and John chose the imposing Stoke Park as their wedding venue, set in many acres of golf course in the Buckinghamshire countryside. It’s a great location for wedding pictures, as I love pillars….!

The weather threatened for a while, but apart from a brief shower – that’ll be the umbrella shot – it stayed good for the day, so thankfully we managed to get the whole 120 or so, outside for some group shots.

Naturally, my favourite time is when I can get the couple on their own, when all the groups have been completed, and Stoke Park certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to variations for photo opportunities, especially the tree at night.

– here is a very small selection of images from the day, enjoy….



Clem & John 002.jpgClem & John 005.jpgClem & John 043.jpgClem & John 057.jpgClem & John 017.jpgClem & John 027.jpgClem & John 098.jpgClem & John 106.jpgClem & John 119.jpgClem & John 326.jpgClem & John 244.jpgc74-Clem & John 307.jpgClem & John 330.jpgClem & John 333.jpgClem & John 337.jpgClem & John 340.jpgClem & John 344.jpgClem & John 351A.jpgClem & John 357.jpgClem & John 362.jpgClem & John 401.jpgClem & John 438.jpgClem & John 459.jpgClem & John 471.jpgClem & John 484.jpgClem & John 506.jpgClem & John 642.jpgClem & John 646.jpgClem & John 650 copy.jpgClem & John 660.jpg


….with the usual thanks to Tim Cantrell as my second shooter, who – like me, looks fabulous in black…

And a big thank you to the staff at Stoke Park for being ultra efficient and making my job so enjoyable.

All images – copyright 2013 Anthony Gould-Davies –

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