Chilston Park Wedding Photographer Amy & Richard’s Winter Wedding

Chilston Park Wedding Photographer – Amy & Richard’s Winter Wedding

Late November saw the preparations for the marriage of Amy & Richard…and a special guest..

Amy, Richard and the Dinosaur…it sounds like the title for a children’s book but this was in fact, the story of the three of them.

Richard has a thing about dinosaurs, and very much wanted his toy to feature at some point on his wedding day…so naturally we obliged and did what we could…that dinosaur popped up everywhere!

There is always excitement on a wedding day, and I am so glad I was there at the perfect moment, as Amy and some of her bridesmaids stood at the window, and saw Richard and the groomsmen arrive.

– so here is a very small selection of images from the day, enjoy….

c4-Amy & Richard B 001.jpgc77-Amy & Richard B 002.jpgc26-Amy & Richard B 003.jpgc78-Amy & Richard B 008.jpgc89-Amy & Richard B 009.jpgc0-Amy & Richard B 006.jpgc11-Amy & Richard B 015.jpgc91-Amy & Richard B 017.jpgc78-Amy & Richard B 016.jpgc14-Amy & Richard B 007.jpgc83-Amy & Richard B 004.jpgc8-Amy & Richard B 012.jpgc8-Amy & Richard B 013.jpgc81-Amy & Richard B 014.jpgc22-Amy & Richard B 018.jpgc41-Amy & Richard B 021.jpgc45-Amy & Richard B 023.jpgc14-Amy & Richard B 024.jpgc21-Amy & Richard B 025.jpgc21-Amy & Richard B 029.jpgc37-Amy & Richard B 032.jpgc41-Amy & Richard B 011.jpgc5-Amy & Richard B 028.jpgc56-Amy & Richard B 010.jpgc6-Amy & Richard B 022.jpgc62-Amy & Richard B 026.jpgc65-Amy & Richard B 031.jpgc76-Amy & Richard B 019.jpgc78-Amy & Richard B 020.jpgc79-Amy & Richard B 027.jpgc83-Amy & Richard B 034.jpgc87-Amy & Richard B 005.jpgc95-Amy & Richard B 033.jpgc98-Amy & Richard B 035.jpgc1-Amy & Richard B 030.jpgc94-Amy & Richard B 036.jpg


….with the usual thanks to Martin Hobby as my second shooter, who – like me, looks fabulous in black…but on this occasion he wore a tweed suit and a spiffing bow tie…an all round splendid fellow..

And a big thank you to the staff at Chilston Park for being ultra efficient as usual, and for making our job so enjoyable….and no, it wasn’t cold at all that afternoon…..

All images – copyright 2015 Anthony Gould-Davies –

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Chilston Park Wedding Photographer Amy & Richard’s Winter Wedding


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