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Bradbourne House Wedding Photography – Marilaina & Andrew

Bradbourne House Wedding Photography – Marilaina & Andrew

A beautiful sunny morning  saw the wedding preparations of Marilaina and Andrew at the fabulous location of Bradbourne House, a beautiful grade 1 listed building set in 20 acres of parkland, it was originally built in Tudor times but was extended and altered in the early 18th century. The palatial interior of Eau de Nil and gold lends itself naturally to the romance of a marriage, and with a couple such as Marilaina and Andrew, our job was made extremely easy. My personal favourite from this collection, is the shot of Marilaina on the dining table…


Bradbourne Slide 001.jpgBradbourne Slide 004.jpgBradbourne Slide 005.jpgBradbourne Slide 006.jpgBradbourne Slide 007.jpgBradbourne Slide 008.jpgBradbourne Slide 010.jpgBradbourne Slide 012.jpgBradbourne Slide 017.jpgBradbourne Slide 022.jpgBradbourne Slide 024.jpgBradbourne Slide 025.jpgBradbourne Slide 026.jpgBradbourne Slide 027.jpgBradbourne Slide 029.jpgBradbourne Slide 031.jpgBradbourne Slide 032.jpgBradbourne Slide 033.jpgBradbourne Slide 034.jpgBradbourne Slide 035.jpgBradbourne Slide 037.jpgBradbourne Slide 038.jpgBradbourne Slide 039.jpgBradbourne Slide 040.jpgBradbourne Slide 042.jpgBradbourne Slide 043.jpgBradbourne Slide 044.jpgBradbourne Slide 046.jpgBradbourne Slide 047.jpgBradbourne Slide 048.jpgBradbourne Slide 050.jpgBradbourne Slide 052.jpgBradbourne Slide 053.jpgBradbourne Slide 056.jpgBradbourne Slide 058.jpgBradbourne Slide 059.jpgBradbourne Slide 061.jpgBradbourne Slide 064.jpgBradbourne Slide 067.jpgBradbourne Slide 072.jpgBradbourne Slide 075.jpgBradbourne Slide 078.jpgBradbourne Slide 079.jpgBradbourne Slide 082.jpgBradbourne Slide 084.jpgBradbourne Slide 085.jpgBradbourne Slide 086.jpg

….with the usual thanks to Martin Hobby – (who – like me, looks fabulous in black…but on this occasion he wore a tweed suit and a spiffing bow tie) the other half of Halo & Hobby, purveyors of  fabulous…stylish…unique…sublime…and mainly downright awesome photography,

And a big thank you to the staff at Bradbourne House for being ultra efficient as usual, and making our job so easy and enjoyable.

All images – copyright 2015 Anthony Gould-Davies –

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 Bradbourne House Wedding Photography – Marilaina & Andrew